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Alex Kneen

About this Christian Poet:
Alex Kneen, along with her husband and young son, live in Gastonia, North Carolina. Her writing is birthed from her deep, God-given love for the truth revealed in scripture and how it intersects her experience with humanity. Though she has notebooks filled with musings, this is the first time she has had the courage to share her thoughts with those who would listen.

This poem lived in my head and heart for several months before finding expression with words and paper. I chose the form of a sonnet, traditionally used to express passionate romantic love, as a bit of irony. I was also inspired by the Holy Sonnets of John Donne. Many times I have wept over the state of men, knowing my lot is cast with them if not for Jesus. I, too, have walked the road from innocence to shame, and am humbly thankful that there is a Redeemer.


You softly rise to look upon the earth
A virgin blush as the unveiling comes
When innocence to womanhood is birthed
And rising still, your maiden blush becomes
A paler, unabashed gaze. You stare
Unblinking on the vanity of men.
With conscience burning from your brazen glare
Exposing harlotries, you seek to rend
The shroud 'neath which the ways of men now lie.
But men, as if they had forgot to blush,
Continue on under your reddening eye
Into the night. And now, with guilty flush,
You sink in crimson shame, your dying hue,
The earth made no apologies to you.

Copyright ©2008 by Alex Kneen