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Daphne Dykeman

About this Christian Poet:
Daphne Dykeman is a freelance writer living by the sea in Saint John, NB. She spends a lot of her time with children, mostly her own two young ones, but also through the children’s ministry at her local church.

A Winter's Night

The scratch of Winter’s icy claws
Against my forehead made me pause
To rub the tingling of my skin
And think of warmth and light within.

But I was out for richer light,
Made brighter by the frost’s keen bite--
The air so cold, the sky so clear,
The longest evening of the year.

A crescent moon, the merest slip
Of silver light, could not outstrip
The brilliance of a million stars,
The gold of Saturn, red of Mars.

Orion’s heavy-booted tread
Would thunder on the earth. Instead
I moved through newly fallen snow,
Feet soundless on the earth below.

The pasture spread out, white and bare
And silent. Not a night to dare
The darkness of the looming pines,
A separate world where no star shines.

A small girl on a frosty night,
I turned back to my warmth and light,
My journey home illumined by
The marvel of a starry sky.

Copyright ©2008 by Daphne Dykeman