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Paul Haddock

About this Christian Poet:
Paul D.Q. Haddock, Esq. has practiced law in Oklahoma for over 11 years, and is also a member, in good standing, of the Oklahoma Supreme Court and the Federal District Courts for the Western, Northern and Eastern Districts of Oklahoma. Paul and his twin brother have a dedicated love of poetry. Together they have created and maintain twinarts poetry.

Flea-market Saturday

Flea-market goods clamor entreating
potential owners like pound dogs
waiting on death row desperately
praying for nervous salvation

Tables serve out trinkets and junque
their failed luster sinks below the
horizon of nameless weary workers
grasping a nether world of mercy

Crowds flow through gilded diversions
some rapidly some near rest still they
flow worshipful at the veterans‚ half
bows from the waist with a healing

touch Currency fuels the marketplace
promoting detainee doves up temple
steps homeward neatly tucked under the
arms of proud owners‚ braggart faces

Commerce usual as it should be until
market doors resonate shuttering and
fleas leap hiding inside the gorge of
a ware's severed tentacle transaction

and mobs rush over the spillways of the
toppled running towards confusion
and anger the worst of all angers arrives
A community of misplaced faith gone

as Jesus razes the marketplace

Copyright ©2008 by Paul Haddock