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Victor Cuellar

About this Christian Poet:
Victor lives in Lakeland, Florida with his wife, Rocio, a cat, Kitty-Kitty, and his guitar, the source for this poem. When Rocio chimes, "You love that guitar more than me," he wryly retorts, "I love you both the same."

He graduated with an English degree from Eastern Kentucky University. He attends prayer services at India Pentecostal Church on Saturdays before scouring yard sales for Bibles and books which he gifts as a private ministry.

                         the apple cart

                     cradling you in my arms
                     half-hour on half-hour
                     approaches debauchery at times,
or maybe it's summer's humidity that makes everything,
                     however fleeting, sticky
                     and who should care whether you and i are well
                     or even if i breathe anymore

                     we could use a rest from this heavy play
                     but your frame is honed for humming
                     my wrist for strumming,
                     knowing well
                     things are neither here nor there

                     your hollowed body, my thin arms,
                     your strings, my finger tips,
                     your slender neck, my surrender
our love making is mercurial, mincing, maniac
                     peaking well and falling back
                     the syncopation of po' man's poetry
                     —one bright day when this life is over

                     i will think of you tomorrow
                     as i push the apple cart

Copyright ©2008 by Victor Cuellar