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Christina Beasley

Merit Award: 2008 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $50

About this Christian Poet:
Christina Beasley is a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, and poetry editor of their literary magazine, Threshold. She was recently awarded a scholarship in literature by the Davidson Fellow Institute, and has been published in Streetlight Magazine. She has also been recognized for a student prize by the Poetry Society of Virginia, and her mantra is the following: keep the faith, and take care of each other.

About this Poem:
I wanted to write a poem that would both embody a story and initiate an emotional connection, and I believe that I've done that here. I wanted to write in a tense that would involve the reader in the text, and allow them to interact with the symbolism. I just wrote what I felt, and this is what actualized, based on my knowledge and feelings toward the Christian faith.

On miracles

You lay me in the dust of death my darling,
Nazareth behind us and our weary
Bethlehem a dripping candle
wax dousing these shoulders like a cloak
and shawl a dirt beneath
our fingernails. A burdened skin of Palestine,
Your confidence baptism, Your weeping pores announcing
blood and sweat,
each iris the shade of Eden
of stardust and quiet places

Your glory is here, beside us. A pleading Martha,
a beckoning Mary, that through our Lazarus
palms stretched taut from attrition

Copyright ©2008 by Christina Beasley