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Carl Pecinovsky

About this Christian Poet:
I hail from Rochester, MN, and work as a computer programmer—though I've always been interested in human language too. I like the snowy winters and pleasant summers of this area, and in my spare time I enjoy video production as well as poem and story writing.

The Appearance of Love

Picture the night long ago
where restive skies erupt in hymns of light
for a moment as Gloria's wonder-spell
must unknot the tongues of luminaries
gazing long across lean years
to one Judean stable
simply borrowed for the gift received
by lowing calves and lowly hands,
promise-led this pensive eve.

The most lucid Word still speaks for those
who listen, knowing good will was born
not for loss or hoard in selfish form,
but for wretch to pilgrim to child of God—
these fruitful hearts moved by the plea
announce the Age of Jubilee!

                   Copyright©2002 by Carl Pecinovsky