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Lucia Haase

About this Christian Poet:
I have two grown children, and live in Spring Valley, Illinois with my husband Jim. I started writing poetry 12 years ago, I have been published in several small press publications including Ancient Paths, The Christian Guide, Time of Singing and The Lighthouse. A Christian book of poems, Author Of Heaven and Earth, includes my recent poem, "In the White Cloud's Gleaming Fleece." I recently won first place in Writers Journal poetry contest for my poem "Amelia."

A Child in the Garden

Small hands reach up as if to touch the sky;
she twirls, engulfed within the garden flowers.
God-given hues have held her eyes for hours;
pretending, she becomes a butterfly.

New buds will blossom here to glorify
the Lord, who watches from grand Heavens' bower,
and manna will be sent—sunshine and showers,
a plan both she and flowers will espy.

Small hands reach high where hollyhocks were sown;
she twirls, and painted flowers become swirled.
The seeds of youth are all that she has known—
small buds as though her life will come unfurled,
as soon, all faithful flowers become grown;
God loves the little children of the world.

Copyright ©2007 by Lucia Haase