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Alethea Black

Best Rhyming Poem 2007 Novice Christian Poetry Contest $250

About this Christian Poet:
Alethea Black was born in Boston and graduated from Harvard College in 1991. Her father was a mathematician, and for a long time she believed her name, the Greek word for truth, was his way of tipping his cap to the idea of absolutes. Then one day her mother overheard her and said, “No, we got your name from a TV show.” (Judd, for the Defense.) Her fiction has appeared in Inkwell, the Antioch Review, and is forthcoming in the North American Review. These are her first published poems.

“Untitled, for Bill Silverman” was written to honor the memory of a beloved, brilliant friend.

Untitled, for Bill Silverman

I don’t know what to call the sky
Because your eyes were blue.
I cannot seem to lift my gaze
To greet the lessened view.

Did you find a truer meadow?
Do you dance among the flowers?
How the fields where you belonged were
Far more beautiful than ours.

The days with you were my beginning,
Your fire, what lit this torch I bear.
But I can’t complete the giving:
Empty hands are everywhere.

Now would be when I fell under,
Now that shadows cross my heart.
For how can I find my way without
Your voice here in the dark?

I cry: I’ve no more words for summer skies
Your eyes were heaven’s blue—
But when at last I lift my face,
The night sky shines with you.

Copyright ©2007 by Alethea Black