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Kristina Lim

Honorable Mention 2007 Novice Christian Poetry Contest $50

About this Christian Poet:
Kristina Lim is a Christian poet living in Colorado.

Boys in the balcony

They were fighter planes
the size of bubble gum wrappers

We weren't supposed to chew gum in church
might make us cough and start a chain reaction
might fall out in the offering plate

What if it popped during "hallowed be…"
would that make God angry…

"God," whose name I could trace with my finger
in the wavy grain of the oak
my mother sat upon so properly
my father so uprightly

Except when a brave B12
one engine out
tumbled from the balcony for a crash landing in
Mrs. Parker's auburn wig

The pilot nearly died in that fire

Copyright ©2007 by Kristina Lim