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Leslie J. Cook

Honorable Mention 2007 Novice Christian Poetry Contest $50

About this Christian Poet:
I live in Adelaide, South Australia and work as an office manager for a manufacturing company. One of my great passions is protecting the environment. I love all animals and spending time outdoors growing plants and trees in my large backyard.

The inspiration for "The Jesus Bird" came as I was thinking of my grandmother who had been hospitalised with Alzheimers. I imagined her lying in her hospital wing at night with other patients in a similar condition and wondered how they coped, knowing that their lives were deteriorating.

The Jesus Bird

The chill, a gliding wind of more than fear
Seeped into the room, simple as the first
Light of sun kissed the mornings horizon.
The Bird, with Jesus in her mind, small like a
Sparrow, ruffled its feathers as it perched

She talked to it, through the glass, murmurings
Through lips. Words I could not hear,
Meanings I could not possess.
And the Bird, with Jesus in her mind,
Cocked its small head to one side and
Listened with the same memories I had
Failed to understand.

Hearts so helpless now, lost in a drowsy fervour
Of painstaking efforts to relive tired stories,
Of lives worn out, of dreams long since peppered
With scattered truths, that only now ask
For comfort, from a Bird, full of Jesus in her mind,
Looking at us with eyes of sharp intelligence,
 that rarely blinked and never looked away.

And beyond that window, I saw the ritual smoke
Of a fire marking a final goodbye, a column of ash
Against the pale dawn light, curling upward
In the distance, behind the Bird, full of Jesus
In our minds.

Copyright ©2007 by Leslie J. Cook