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Wanda Waterman St. Louis

Wanda Waterman St. Louis was born on a couch on an island off the coast of Maine. She came to Nova Scotia with her family when she was four. Her poetry has been published in Our Times, Tigertail, Perigee, Descant, Skylight, Pottersfield Portfolio, and The Talking Leaves. In 1999 she won the George Elliott Clarke prize for drama for her stage play Wildflowers. A television series pilot she cowrote has recently been optioned by Cirrus Productions in Quebec. She currently leads a church ensemble in the Bear River Advent Christian Church in Nova Scotia.

The Horse in the Fog

My prayer calls out a horse. With leaping stride,
Mist-cloaked and mute, she gallops to my side;
With flame-launch lungs and rolling, wave-crest eyes,
Her sculpted face turns like a rose toward mine.

And like a fool I stare the highway down,
Outrunning, so I think, the hurting song.
Her mane a flag, the prayer-horse races on,
While I cry out, How long, oh Lord? How long?

But when deep thunders turn my legs to stone
The mare's head looms, her gaze like petals blown.
From blinding fog a muzzle patient bears
The answer to my unforbearing prayers.

Copyright ©2007 by Wanda Waterman St. Louis