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Lorraine Buck

First Prize 2007 Christian Publishers Poetry Prize $300

Originally from Montreal, Lorraine Buck is now living on Prince Edward Island, teaching Religious Studies as a part-time sessional lecturer at the University. She first became interested in Christian poetry when she studied the Oxford Movement as a graduate student and read John Keble’s The Christian Year, an offering of inspirational poetry for each Sunday and holiday of the year. She began writing her own Christian poetry in 2006.

"Meet me at the Cross" is a celebration of Jesus’ life from the manger to the Crucifixion, as well as an expression of hope for his continual guidance in our own lives.

Meet Me At the Cross

O Jesus, meet me by the manger where, a babe, you lay;
Reveal to me your blessed plan
For which you came to earth as man,
That I my part might play.

O Master, meet me in the village where the blind you healed;
May I behold your guiding light,
Retain it ever in my sight
And to its urgings yield.

O Saviour, meet me by the sea where crowds around you surged;
I long to hear your words of love,
Your promise of a home above,
To know my sins are purged.

O Jesus, meet me at the well where you my drink may pour;
That I might sip the water pure,
Discover the eternal cure
And thirst for nothing more.

O Master, meet me at the Cross where selflessly you died;
Like Mary, may I with you stay,
Observe the tomb wherein you lay
That oils I might provide.

O Saviour, meet me at the gate of your eternal home;
Extend to me your loving hand,
Receive me in your Promised Land
That I may never roam.

Copyright ©2007 by Lorraine Buck