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R. L. Hunsberger

Honorable Mention 2007 Christian Publishers Poetry Prize $20

R.L. Hunsberger is a writer, dancer, and educator living in Parker, Colorado.  Besides writing and teaching, she enjoys spending time in the Rocky Mountains, hanging out with her family (all twenty-two of them), and traveling the world—most recently to Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Forsake Me Not When All My Strength is Spent
                       (Psalm 71)

Forsake me not when all my strength is spent
My heart is heavy, and my head hangs low;
Deliver me from foes within my tent
And those who mock me everywhere I go.
O, be to me a rock of refuge, strong—
A fortress to which I may always run;
And keep me safe from those who’d do me wrong
For they are many and I’m only one. 
And when I reach old age, cast not me off.
Remember then the passion of my youth;
When others cast their stones and start to scoff
Release my tongue so I may speak the Truth.
O Lord, your works are great; of this I sing,
As you increase and comfort me again.

Copyright ©2007 by R. L. Hunsberger