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Lynne Bourgault Spear

Honorable Mention 2007 Christian Publishers Poetry Prize $20

Lynne Bourgault Spear lives in Mesa, Arizona, with her husband of 22 years, Drew, and their nine children. She spends most of her time homeschooling her younger eight children, which is a great excuse for spending time reading great literature and delving more deeply into history. In addition to writing poetry, Lynne also loves theatre and film and teaches a film analysis class to local homeschoolers, as well as studying the art of screenwriting and appearing as a film extra whenever time allows.

Sparrow Plain

How I begrudge the sparrow plain,
          Tho’ unadorned, subdued,
Unprepossessing, indistinct,
          Appears not ornate-hued,
Yet she has wings to fly away,
          Escaping earthly care.
She leaves her burdens far below,
          And dances on the air.

She twirls and whirls and pirouettes
          Across blue firmament,
Unweighed by earth’s persistent pull,
          Exuberance unpent.
I stand beneath, observe her waltz,
          While to take off I yearn.
She skirts o’er each impediment,
          Her path still straight, unturn’d.

Fast-fetter’d to my shackling grief,
          I covet joy of flight,
But wingless, fixed, weighed down with dread,
          I’m grounded from such height.
She’s gone from sight, I turn away,
          Then pause… entreat… conclude:
Tho’ sorrow binds me to the earth,
          God’s love is not so rude!

His grace puts flight within my grasp-
          I tentatively praise,
As I mount up with eagles’ wings,
          Ascending from my haze,
Now weightless—Christ removes distress,
          Lifts off my heavy care,
He smiles at me and takes my hand,
          And we waltz on the air.

Copyright ©2007 by Lynne Bourgault Spear