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Penny Borden

Honorable Mention 2007 Christian Publishers Poetry Prize $20

My name is Penny Borden and although I’m forty-four years old by nature, in the Lord, I’m only seven. I grew up in what I assumed was a Christian home and at the age of twelve I had an emotional religious experience that I was sure led me to salvation.

Seven years ago, after living a life of pure autonomy and having lost everything that I deemed important, I found myself on the brink of suicide. By God’s grace, He led me into the office of a man named Mack Card, who is now my pastor, counselor, and spiritual father. God used this precious brother to help me see how lost I really was and to lead me into relationship with the Lord Jesus.

I wrote this poem on Father’s Day to praise and honor my Heavenly Father and in appreciation to a very special father in the faith.

Father of His Own

So many come into this world, the orphan’s plight ordained;
The Father’s own, yet they are called and through His hand sustained;
And though their parents they have known, yet destined to estrange,
The Lord has set apart the one through whom their lives will change.

Though pain and heartbreak tear them down, and Satan would destroy,
Convincing them that life is void of love, and peace, and joy;
The hand of Love holds fast His child, in safety she remains,
He’s chosen one to father her, and in His ways to train.

The world has taught her many things that render doubt and fear;
She sold her heart to capture what she thought to be so dear;
Her heart destroyed, her soul in chains, the love she longed to find,
She yielded to her own desires, deceived within her mind.

But God is sovereign over all and now He has begun,
To draw His wandering child into the knowledge of the Son;
He’d guide her to the one whom years before He’d set apart,
And through this earthly father He would strive to get her heart.

This vessel, though imperfect sees the call upon his life,
To father those the Lord may bring whose souls are filled with strife;
To bind the brokenhearted, from this world to set them free,
To guide them to the cross where Jesus died for you and me.

With diligence and patience and a heart of purest love,
The wisdom to be firm, yet with the meekness of a dove;
He sees each child who walks into his life as God’s own plan,
To teach them that our Lord will father through imperfect man.

He pours into God’s chosen ones the love that he was shown,
When years ago without a dad he found himself alone;
And in each life the Father works His miracles of grace,
To fix His righteous character in all who seek His face.

Sometimes the Lord sees fit to take us from the ones we love,
To place us with another who was chosen from above;
And through him touch our lives in ways we never would have known,
Had God not consecrated him as father of His own.

Copyright ©2007 by Penny Borden