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Duane W. Udd

Honorable Mention 2007 Christian Publishers Poetry Prize $20

Off and on, since 1962, I have been writing mostly "Message Poetry."

My only published book, A Tale of Woe, is mostly polemical poetry relating to the nation of Zimbabwe where we have been missionaries for over two decades. I still write about Zimbabwe and read the resulting poems on my radio program, "Different Points of View," out of London, Tuesdays, on www.swradioafrica.com.

A significant aspect of my perspective is based on awareness that most people do not readily recognize something as poetry unless it has identifiable rhythm and rhyme. Rather than looking down on this limitation,  I have rather seen it as a challenge to pack as much meaning as possible into this medium, in order to have to have the widest, if unpretentious, impact.

The Shape of Things to Come

God’s army rises from the earth
  Prophetic word commands
To prove its mettle and its worth
  When Spirit-filled it stands

The hordes of darkness will take flight
  And dread the final hour
When saints of God will walk in light
  And demonstrate His power

His timeless temple now takes shape
  Untouched by human hand
And men will stand in awe to gape
  When glory fills the land

No sound of hammer will be heard
  As stones are put in place
No earthly mortar will be stirred
  For living stones of grace

When body members fused by love
  With hearts that beat as one
Are fitly formed by God above
  The work is almost done

For living temple must ascend
  When trump shall raise the dead
Archangel voice the air will rend
  As body joins its head

Copyright ©2007 by Duane W. Udd