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Ric Booth

About this Christian Poet:
Ric Booth is a husband, a dad, a granddad, a speaker, a teacher, a learner and an aspiring writer. Ric worships and serves with his family at the Mid-Atlantic Community Church in Crofton, Maryland. He often sees God in the most unexpected places, from dryer lint to his own heart. While his occupation is Information Technology, this tent-maker's real passion is revealing Jesus through stories, many of which actually rhyme. Ric has a blog.

I So Loved the Wolf

…for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. Galatians 3:27

Dead in the dark wood,
trapped in the long night,
the wolf would eat wolf
with rules to feed right!

The wolf knows not why,
just this must be done:
I so loved the wolf,
I came down as one.

Dressed just as the wolf,
plunged in the dark wood
to die as the lamb
pure blood for a hood.

That the wolf might rise
by blood of the lamb
and leave the dark wood
dressed just as I am.

Copyright ©2007 by Ric Booth