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Marcia Lee Laycock

About this Christian Poet:
Marcia is a pastor's wife, mother of three and a freelance writer. She has written a devotional column, The Spur (Hebrews 10:24) for over 10 years and has just launched her new devotional book, The Spur of the Moment. More of Marcia's work can be seen at www.vinemarc.com

Simile at Starbucks

Like this paper cup
she was "60% post consumer
recycled fibre."

At the very least,
that much of her
had been used.

Too many hands
had cradled her, took
comfort from her inner
heat then crumpled her

Too many lips had sought
her rim, lusting,
sucking all of her
into them, then leaving her
as iced coffee.

Until the day
she was redeemed
stripped of past misuse
wrinkles ironed smooth
tears mended, stains
made new in
a final re cycle
made ready
to hold pure holy fire,
made utterly willing
to pour herself

Copyright©2000 by Marcia Lee Laycock