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Lawrence Jones III

Merit Award 2007 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $50

About this Christian Poet:
Lawrence was born on a missile base during the Vietnam era. His father was a helicopter pilot. During news broadcasts, smoke of destroyed aircraft billowed, and the five-year-old wondered if Dad would come home. The euphoria of the space-age collided with questions of war and death.

“During college, new life literally blasted off in my soul at the musical, GodSpell.  They crucified Jesus on a fence in a parking lot on the outer banks of North Carolina, and I realized then he chose death in my place.  Since then, I write to express the hope that ignited my spirit that night on the beach.”

Lawrence serves full time in missions with Sharing International.  He and his wife, Debby, live in Texas with their seven children.

This poem was written in the mountains after strong words from a loved one. Writing this took away the sting, and it is good advice for life…

Soften Your Way

There’s a path by the wood in my dreaming,
Grown over with grass and vine.
Silky new threads shine streaming,
Spun early with dewdrops they shine.

There’s a stream in this rocky winding,
Curving closely, just out of sight.
The trickle of life somehow finding
Its path both in shadow and light.

There’s a breeze in the trees above me,
Like a breath from the cool of a cloud.
It whispers a secret softly,
With words never spoken out loud.

“Mellow your heart just a little;
Let the way of the wood have its way.”
The summer-soft sounds speak a riddle
With unspoken voices they say…

“Soften your way on the pathway;
Step gently past ancient-grown trees.
More careful your way on the pathway,
Like the waters, the woods, and the breeze.”

Copyright ©2007 by Lawrence Jones III