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Duane W. Udd

Merit Award 2007 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $50

About this Christian Poet:
Duane W. Udd has had a love for poetry all his life. In 1962, at the age of 17, he wrote his first "Message Poem." Off and on since then he has written mostly spiritual and Biblically based poems. However, in 2001, Word of the Lord Publications in Zimbabwe brought out a book of mostly polemical poems entitled, A Tale of Woe, which addressed the turmoil in Zimbabwe, under the evolving tyrannical regime of Robert Gabriel Mugabe. 

Duane and his wife Carol have been missionaries to Africa—primarily Zimbabwe—for over two decades. They have four grown children and three grandchildren.

Rhapsody in Black and Blue

God plays with patterns in the clouds
  And paints some priceless sunsets
Ere night with scattered light enshrouds
  Her more sequestered assets

Both light and dark or hot and cold
  Bespeak a changing tempo
With subtle shifts from new to old
  Adagio allegro

A minor’s rush to be mature
  Breeds major complication
When racing time’s brief overture
  Yields to mortification

Years before life’s Grand Finale
  Vocal chords and strings sound loose
Mind and muscle melancholy
  Tends to reinforce disuse

Aphrodite or Adonis
  Seek to flee Persephone
That persistent cold co-heiress
  Caught in cyclic constancy

Young at heart with aging body
  Can’t concede lithe days of youth
Thoughts beclouded by hot toddy
  Hanker back to light vermouth

Flesh had best concede to Spirit
  Spirits bottled bear false balm
Truth distilled slakes the temperate
  Pours acceptance tinged with calm

Though the outward man must perish
  New life springs from death’s decay
With Love’s symphony we cherish
  Heralding God’s brightest day

Copyright ©2007 by Duane W. Udd