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David Brennan

Merit Award 2007 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $50

About this Christian Poet:
David Brennan currently lives and writes in Victoria, British Columbia whose beautiful landscape inspired this poem.

A Trek Through the Hills

My breath in the dry mountain air turns to ice
As I stand and I stare at the passage of time
Which seems here condensed as the hills so concise
Rise up like the spine of the planet sublime
And splash into dells where the rivers run cold
And the rocks in the waters reflect
Frozen like fountains cast under a spell
The tumult in trees and in snow now bedecked
Their deep flow continuing slow but unchecked
And depicted before me in violet pastel

Are those rocks casting shadows across the white snow
Or is it my eyes just mistaking the trees
Ever and ever and upwards they go
Climbing the slopes as the waves of the seas
The darkness contrasts as the shadows they cast
Show the world what they took from its shores
And each standing tall like a ship with its mast
Cuts the wind on its prow with the dark underscore
Of the yellow warm light that it took to its core
And the challenges each one surpassed

And there with my feet planted deep in the snow
And my trail leading back from the spot where I stand
I survey the land from this icy plateau
And feel my small heart in my bosom expand
Beating louder and longer and stronger for love
Of the mountains and trees and the sound of the breeze
And the life by my lungs that I borrow thereof
For although my existence has felt its disease
Such scents and such sights any thought would appease
Like a letter or branch carried down by a dove
Or the light through the trees always shining above

Copyright ©2007 by David Brennan