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Robert W. Cely

Merit Award 2007 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $50

About this Christian Poet:
Robert W Cely is a father of two, and husband of one. He is a graduate of Union Theological Seminary and the University of South Carolina. Besides writing poetry he also composes stories, novels, essays and screenplays; essentailly any written medium that can reflect the Glory of God and Christ. He lives in Columbia, South Carolina.

"Vespers" was written in a moment of longing—the type described by C.S. Lewis as those moments when we glimpse that there is something else that we are made for. In nature, in children's laughter, in the setting sun, our hearts ache for a contentment that we somehow know will not be ours until we meet the Master face to face.


Come from the long-far hillside, where the night falls down on the day,
I hear in the distant valley, the sounds where the children play.
And a heartache that trembles with sadness, weeps with its silent tears.
For I long that the days of my laughter could forever be lingering here.

I dream great things of the distance, a refuge from all of my care,
And I know my heart would be restful, if only I could be there.
But if I were to walk to that hilltop, and survey the wonders around,
That would bring only more longing to be standing on some other ground.

So further I wander and further, through unending field upon field,
And I search for that long-sought horizon where my heart can finally yield.
Like the perpetual luster of autumn, or the sunset that never will fade,
So this longing forever loiters, as if sadness for my heart was made.

Then I close my eyes to the night-time, so only the laughter remains,
And I am alone with this feeling that yearns to savor the pain.
And I silently dream of the meadow, where the children endlessly play,
And the day always dawns on the darkness, on my home in Heaven away.

Copyright ©2007 by Robert W. Cely