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Dick Hayes

Merit Award 2007 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $50

About this Christian Poet:
I am a part time pastor in Liverpool with a day job as an IT manager. I have been writing poetry seriously for about ten years—largely in the metric and rhymed manner. "Midnight Raiders" is a lyric piece using common metre (8 beats per line) and seeks to capture the reflective mood of the night hours. The setting is that of a happy Christian marriage of many years (which I own to), with the suggestion of poignancy arising from the realisation of mortality. The sense of time moving both fast and slow and the imagery of suspension and action are used to highlight this effect.

Midnight Raiders

Beyond the murmur of the rain,
the rustle of the counterpane
you folded, neat and virgin white:
now open, thrown—the dimpled sheet,
on which you lie, warm at my side.
within a midnight countryside.

I read those smiling eyes that peep
delightful at the edge of sleep.
I read an interest in the shift
of arm and feel the body lift.
The speaking silence surely is
the close encounter of a kiss.

With each slight touch, the moving hand
carries a thought content and kind.
While that slow progress of the moon
that forms our light and fades so soon,
hurries the moments that we keep
as distant highways stir in sleep.

The fleeting elf of motor beams
touches the mind with restless dreams.
Ah love, we have been true to each:
no present is beyond our reach!
no mastery is needed here!
no harsh possession! no despair!

The Everlasting and the Light!
The Uncreated and the Might!
Great God: the underscore of ease
and gentle bidding; help us seize,
despite the haste of age and time,
the brief, the sudden, and sublime.

Copyright ©2007 by Dick Hayes