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Carol Owens

Merit Award 2007 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $50

About this Christian Poet:
My husband, Jimmy Owens, and I have written Christian music and books for many years. Our musical productions, such as Come Together, If My People, The Witness, Ants’hillvania  and many others, have been recorded and performed world-wide. Music publishers:  Lexicon, Word, Sparrow (EMI), and Maranatha. Book publishers: Word, Word Music, Fleming H. Revell and Foursquare Media. We have also taken our Schools of Music Ministry to many nations. Teaching is a great love of mine.

While I’ve published hundreds of lyrics, many scripts and books, I’ve only recently tried poetry. A new genre and a great experience! I wrote this poem as a tribute to friends who lost a grown daughter to a ravaging cancer. Their struggle, and their decision to come down on the side of faith, was both agonizing and amazing to watch.

On the Death of a Daughter

I saw the quagmire draw you down
Into depths I’ve never sounded.
But I imagined them and wondered
How—after the slow ruin,
The aching vacuum, the acrid bitterness
Of reality—you kept your heart
From becoming armor-plated;
Kept it, somehow, human, beating.

I saw you rise, re-gather your
Resources, reaching out, up,
Tentative but deliberate; leaping
After faith, recognizing
That the answers to the questions
You shouted at the night
Lie on the other side
Of the Experience Itself.

For there unfolds the opening
Scene in the living continuum
Of a divine and tangled drama;
Envisioned, but never understood
Until the call comes, and the
Snatching away, and the Mystery
Is faced with its inevitable change
Of venue, and its strange wonder.

Copyright ©2007 by Carol Owens