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Sharon R. Haynes

Merit Award 2007 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $50

About this Christian Poet:
I live in Ohio with my husband, Richard. We have two adult children, Philip and Rachel. So far, for grandchildren, we have a toy poodle named Sweetpea and a snoodle named Delilah.

I love words. Two of my favorite scriptures are John 1:1 & Revelation 19:13.  I sense the Lord's closeness when I'm creating a poem or story. I write for newspapers and Christian magazines and have a story in Chicken Soup for the Nature Lover's Soul. " Imagine—Glory" is my first poetry contest entry and my first attempt at writing a Sestina. It was quite a challenge, but I love a challenge.


Imagine, if you can, a fluid silence
as the Spirit, without effort, flows through eternity.
His right hand unfolds with settled purpose,
each act performed with promise and majesty.
Merciful eyes flash a hint of the Son’s glory,
as the Spirit, with passion, sings a song of liberating grace.

Like a dancer He glides flowing-over with abundant grace.
Stars and planets in awe, hang in galactic silence.
Angels shout a resounding, "GLORY!"
Sleepers wake wide-eyed and gasp, "There is an Eternity!"
Yes! A gift from the One who reigns in true majesty!
The sinner's Sovereign Savior, the giver of purpose.

He lifts me up; I'm empowered for His purpose.
Amazed I wonder at His manifold and mighty grace.
My eyes captivated by His sincere and thoughtful majesty.
Sudden angels shout Hallelujahs through our serene silence,
Holy One extends His hand bidding me into His eternity.
Stepping into Heaven, I'm blinded by the burning glory!

I weep with joy standing in His blazing glory,
worshiping Him my pleasure and my purpose!
Reward enough in the presence of the Son of Eternity.
Knowing my debt was paid by His gift of grace
compels me from my soundless silence.
I kneel, hands lifted high in praise of pure majesty.

I pledge my total praise to such majesty,
my life to serve His kingdom and glory.
I lay prostrate for a thousand years in silence,
remembering my forever purpose.
Where else could I gain this merciful grace?
Who else is the Door to eternity?

Willingly bound by time You stepped out of eternity.
For me, You freely forsook Your majesty,
to shape my life with Your sweet grace,
while flooding my soul with the light of your glory!
My redemption Your merciful & ultimate purpose!
Mystified with awe, the angels still wonder in silence.

JESUS, embodiment of grace, door to eternity,
No longer the lamb of silence, now the King of majesty!
To the King be all Glory, His love shines through His purpose!

Copyright ©2007 by Sharon R. Haynes