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Susan Plett

Merit Award 2007 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $50

About this Christian Poet:
Susan Plett writes poetry and prose from the home in Calgary, Alberta that she shares with a husband, two children and a dog. The longer she writes the more she recognizes the responsibility that comes with God-given talent, and is currently making a concerted effort to treat writing like a job, rather than a hobby. "Coffee Stop" was the result of a writing exercise in a long-ago class, and any resemblance to anyone she knows is inevitable.

Coffee Stop

cocooned in rising steam,
I watch mist swirl
through the silent street
try to name my son's laughter

there's a burst of ice and cold and
there's my father's impatience
stamped on a stranger's face
he scowls at the snow
slaps his gloves together

he'll order coffee, drink it standing up
he won't inhale the bouquet
of French roast, steep himself
in warmth, find pinpoints
of light on the shadowed pavement

the way my father would never
have spent half an hour
searching for five perfect words
to describe my laughter

Copyright ©2007 by Susan Plett