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Alexa V. Behmer

Honorable Mention 2007 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $100

About this Christian Poet:
Alexa Behmer lives in northern Colorado. A grant writer by trade, Alexa enjoys writing short stories and poetry, playing with her two children and being outside in her free time. Her first published short story, "Black Leather Shoes," appeared in the 01 Issue of Ruminate Magazine in 2006. Having traveled around the country for school for the past nine years, Alexa is now journeying through the complexities of living out the gospel in her community. Alexa began writing poetry while attending graduate school in New York City. Living in Manhattan during 9/11, Alexa was struck, among other things, by the natural beauty and manmade terror of the day. "God's Hand" is a consideration of the daily juxtaposition of evil and holiness, ugliness and beauty, and how God always has us in His grip.

God’s Hand

On soft, hot wretched days of
hearts failing on trails up five flights,
snow should recognize its need.
            Blacksmiths with boiling heart be-beats           
            passing wet hands over sweat.
But we might wear out the clouds, the riverbeds,
and bemoan sun on the eves.

Nature should train the weather
such that when Alyssa or Jeremy
Pietro or Dawn draw through to Halcyon,
the skies and air bemoan
            the passing of souls through—
            change as the cold front swings over my heart.
But then it would rain
            for life times like twelve noon bell chimes.

The sun should hide its disposition,
so that when the bridge collapses
or the horse loses its head between the gates,
we know God knows us—
            the passing of souls through
            over into heaven’s eternal hand.
But then, always dark the world’d be,
            and green rays curl under, brown stays.

My hands should know to flutter,
to cup my eyes and open out the words
through my mouth, remind—
            know this, be-dark
                        be-rained be-moaned world,
take care after all not to under give
for fear of faulty ha, ha, ha,
and rising from under the next hill—
God’s hand of snow and rain and sun.

Copyright ©2007 by Alexa V. Behmer