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Ellen Gray

Honorable Mention 2007 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $100

About this Christian Poet:
I am a wife, mother and teacher in Pleasanton, California.   There are times when waiting on God seems almost impossible.  “The Cloak” is about two stories I turn to when waiting in faith.

The Cloak

As a girl
the rise and fall of each night
felt like breath
to rise and run with daybreak
to sink to sleep under Abram’s stars
as I grew, the nights lengthened too
I could wait and watch past the dark
take small sips from the sight of the moon
the rim filling and emptying
whole and part, full and slight
the graceful turn of light

I too turned
to follow the pouring of the moon
clean and unclean, bud and bloom
a feminine breath
and the wistful promise of children

but the night
the darkness became too persistent
full of black
full of bleeding
the emptying that was never enough
to be clean I hunted a cure
paid a dozen of doctors for a dozen of years
until all my wealth was swallowed by night
and sickness eclipsed my life

but I could not bleed out
the imprint of Abraham’s stars
the story stained me with belief
in a promise of more than shed blood

and then the Word came

and as I grabbed
what I had been holding
the Christ
cured my dark sickness with light.

Copyright ©2007 by Ellen Gray