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Bobbi Dykema Katsanis

Honorable Mention 2007 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $100

About this Christian Poet:
Bobbi Dykema Katsanis is at work on both a doctorate in Art and Religion and a conversion to Roman Catholicism, and has been writing poetry for two decades. Her chapbook, The Magdalene's Notebook, was released in September 2006 from Finishing Line Press. She wrote "becoming" during a Philosophical Aesthetics class when, struck by a comment about the incarnationality of art, she recognized with new immediacy the work of art that is a human being. Bobbi currently lives in Berkeley with her husband Jason and their feline boomerang Simon the Zealot. They are godparents to two young Seattleites: Isaac and Samuel.


how a human being becomes three-dimensional
arises from the flatness of the plain
the plane, the number line, from negative to positive
becoming cubed in cubic space,

how the muscles and the bones
elaborate, and arch the back
and flex the sturdy thighs
to rise to standing form
and space,

how humanity takes shape
and volume, on the number line of history
how we become
ourselves, and see ourselves
reflect in one another
in the rounded shape of eyes
how we are wise
with knowledge, and full of ourselves

the sketch becomes a sculpture,
moves and breathes, begins to dance
with music, tempo, time—
the fourth dimension added,
mankind has a history, a present,
and a past.

somewhere in the flat sketchbook caricature of mind
a man becomes, page to stage
and cradle to the grave
sometimes, somehow, somewhere
a man becomes.

Copyright ©2007 by Bobbi Dykema Katsanis