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Mary Rudbeck Stanko

Honorable Mention 2007 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $100

About this Christian Poet:
Mary Rudbeck Stanko is a florist, market gardener and sculptor living in London, Ontario. She and her family have hosted a garden for twenty-five years which is determined to grow a rose for every heart on earth, all inclusive.

Written on February 22, 2007, this year's "day after Ash Wednesday", I looked out my study window at a blistering snow squall, thought about how little human nature has seem to have spiritually evolved from its very beginnings, and wondered how Christ could ever be welcomed here. How would the One ever dare show a face we would refuse to recognize, much less accept or love? What would humankind do the reality of Jesus among us? Is there an "Egypt" anywhere here where the One could go to hide?

The Day After Ash Wednesday

It is Good Friday already.
The sky unfolds
like a mourning cloth
down over what remains
of February snow.
Hearts wait on streetcorners
under memories of ice.
No savior would set foot here,
not in these god-forsaken
realms from which faith
has fled for safety
elsewhere over the sad horizon
where the body of Christ
stretches in a stifled sun.

Could he tread back over
the edge of the earth
and call forth the saved,
summon to his side the endless
all? Would the faces of
the beloved look up to see
themselves in who he would be?
As if in a mirror
would they recognize the one
and say I know you, I am
you, I am who you are?

Copyright ©2007 by Mary Rudbeck Stanko