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Shelly Bryant

Shelly currently splits her time between Singapore, where she teaches literature at a private university, and Shanghai, where she studies Chinese. ÊShe is enjoying the lifestyle of living in two worlds at once, and relishes the opportunity soak in two very interesting cities and cultures. Her works have appeared in the anthology Finding Your Wings (2003), the poetry journal A Galaxy of Verse (2006), on the Babel website (1998), and the literary e-zine Bakery of Poets (current issue). She has poems due out in A Galaxy of Verse and Writing Edge soon.

In Eternity's Eye

In eternity’s eye
where there is no time
what separates one moment,
one event, from another?

Father and son, atop the mount
                                                    Father and Son, atop the mount
On no account
                                                    A flowing fount
Will they turn back
                                                    Of bloody sweat
Though a lamb they lack
                                                    Worse is coming yet

Up they continue side by side
                                                    He climbs up his path, now alone
A knife he spied
                                                    Silence cold as stone
In Father’s hand
                                                    Forsaken now
Does he understand?
                                                    He fulfills his vow

Youthful eyes rounded large with fright
                                                    Human salvation to ensure
The boy bound tight
                                                    Hand held secure
Command now dropped
                                                    Here, now, it stops
The knife is stopped
                                                    The hammer drops

Copyright ©2007 by Shelly Bryant