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Linda Chandler Smith

I am a spiritual director, artist and writer living in the southern California desert. In my work with others and in my own spiritual practice, I love to experience and share insight and understanding of God's transforming grace.

Abraham and Sarah

Like crinkly old leaves turning brown
and falling from the tree
                                    old and tired
sullen and drawn low.
Nothing much else coming.
Certainly not a season
                       of fecundity and blossom.

And then,                suddenly,
              amazingly,              confidently
                       comes promise of greening buds
                                 for those ancient ones.

withering, snarled trees in winter
a cocky laugh of disbelief,
caught unaware in this transparency of Presence.

Why do you laugh?
                             Is anything too difficult for Me?

Hush. Hush.
And so the seed was born and named "he laughs"
                    And laugh they did
the reign of rejoicing
                             the largeness of God,

Now big enough
that I, too, might
                             Hush. Hush.
                             and throw my head back
                             from my belly's heart.

Copyright ©2007 by Linda Chandler Smith