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Kristine K. Lowder

A former editor and aerospace professional, Kristine Lowder earned her degree in Communication/Print Media from Biola University. Her byline has appeared in numerous hard copy and electronic venues and more than thirty ezines. She has published eight books to date and is working on her next title. For more information, visit Kristine's Korner.


Me again
Stubbornly starving

Pockmarked with pitfalls
Plowed deep in pride
Strangled by selfishness
Butting another brick wall
Me again

You again
Purging waters pour
Doused over, under, in and through
Scrubbed clean

You again
Fear firmed to faith
Shaken legs steadied
Broken limbs splinted
A deluge of divine grace
And me, again
Bleached blood-white
Beneath a divine laundering

Copyright ©2007 by Kristine K. Lowder