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Alvin G. Ens

About this Christian Poet:
Born and educated in Saskatchewan, I have taught high school English in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia. With my early retirement I now have more time for writing. My poems and a few short stories have been published in a variety of religious publications and anthologies.

The Courtship of Adam and Eve

With no precedent to help
and no Emily Post to consult
Adam courts Eve
the girl after his dream
of being robbed of a rib
a beautiful consolation
Imagine the complication
of approaching the situation

And how does Eve preen
for her first date
Artists allow her hair
long enough to veil in mystery
Is she coy and coquettish
and blushingly chaste
How will she emerge eventually
from behind the waist-high bushes

What are their first words
Does God expect Adam
to be other than voyeur
Is there an eternity in courtship
in waiting, in discovery, in ecstasy
until the two are one
Does the ritual conjugation
enslave or free
And do they write
the first installment
for Emily Post

Copyright©2004 by Alvin G. Ens