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Shelly Bryant

About this Christian Poet:
Shelly currently splits her time between Singapore, where she teaches literature at a private university, and Shanghai, where she studies Chinese. ÊShe is enjoying the lifestyle of living in two worlds at once, and relishes the opportunity soak in two very interesting cities and cultures.


Crawl. On. My. Belly.

So be it, then.

Creeping in this slime,
all the better I can see
the bleeding heel of the
animal formed from it.

I have conquered this clay
by means you didn’t dream,
taking on a body
and dwelling here
with them
they seeing me
with sympathetic eyes
listening with ready ears.

You, though, are much
too mighty and majestic
to consider taking part
in the scaly flesh
you’ve made.

Just try it. If you dare,
I will hang you
from the highest tree
—on display
for the frail eyes
of this earth
You created.

Copyright ©2007 by Shelly Bryant