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Emma Akuffo

About this Christian Poet:
The daughter of a Ghanaian diplomat, Emma Akuffo was born in Russia. She holds a PhD in Biochemistry and works as a Research Scientist. She lives in England, UK with her husband and two children. A number of Emma's articles have been published in anthologies and showcased on the internet and radio including BBC "Get Writing" feature, "The Art of Love" (an exhibition in London), UCB radio's "Rhyme and Reason" and Bright Light Multimedia (an Australian Web publishing company). Emma's poem "Love Spoke" won an award in the Scottish International poetry competition in 2004.

Emma is a committed Christian, playing an active role in her church and community. She runs a Christian Writers Club in the Hertfordshire area and has been nick-named "Dr Poet" by her friends and family.

About this poem:
Rachel lived a short but turbulent life and experienced times of tension with her father, husband and sister. She captured the heart of Jacob (Israel) and although she did not live to see, she left her mark in the legacy of her first son, Joseph, one of the most famous characters in the Bible, used powerfully by God to steer the destiny of his people. Even in turbulent times, God is perfecting our destiny; even through the next generation and even if we don't live to see it.

Israel's Girl

A song of dusk echoes across a bleak landscape
Bittersweet melodies of a life, self-assured and well placed
Incarcerating the heart of your betrothed as he seeks your hand
And labours seven years and seven more, to barter your affections
Vibrant shepherdess, you are a firefly, burning deep into the night
A second wife, some may say, though you are second to none
You are also a pilferer of unnecessary things
From the one of whose loins you sprang

Your husband, the only one
To ever wrestle with God

Your hand rests gently on a long-awaited distended belly
A sanctuary for the king of multicoloured dreams, his life will be chequered
His woes, many. For now he tiptoes on spindly legs
Plays hide and seek in your garments, his laughter like sunshine
That ripens boyhood grapes into delicious wine
In a different land, the time to celebrate motherhood, once more
"It's another boy" your midwife delights, as you name him with last breath
Your eve song plays quietly now, inviting
You to a pillar marked early tomb
A restful consign, conspicuous and well-placed
Still standing, up to this day.

Copyright ©2007 by Emma Akuffo