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Ric Booth

About this Christian Poet:
Ric Booth is a husband, a dad, a granddad, a speaker, a teacher, a learner and an aspiring writer. Ric worships and serves with his family at the Mid-Atlantic Community Church in Crofton, Maryland. He often sees God in the most unexpected places, from dryer lint to his own heart. While his occupation is Information Technology, this tent-maker's real passion is revealing Jesus through stories, many of which actually rhyme. Ric has a blog.

our turn

blinded by anger we rile as we churn
jumping impatient we crave for a turn.

fallen in love with our refuse and scum,
dying to laden our hearts up with some

why do we do this and why even care?
filled with deep hunger, we linger and stare.

what is the purpose and why are we here?
worshiping trash and ignoring our fear.

raging, refusing to turn from our sin.
night is our love so of course we hate Him.

lost in the crowd with those glances we steal,
pushing away while all longing to feel.

savor our filth while we run with the mob.
how did this happen, our garbage our god?

knowing we never would turn from our sin,
Love condescends to just smear us on Him.

rolls in our mud, is the harbor of light
dub Him a fool, while enrapt with our blight.

marred on His face is our slime and our waste.
rubberneck sinners, we think we are safe.

striking, confusing, and reeking of sin.
knowing we never would turn to just Him.

evil says, "foul! we must turn from those eyes!"
captive refusal, agape as He cries,

"Father, forgive them." those brimming with glee
who now so ever not turning will see.

Copyright©2006 Ric Booth