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Linda Watson Owen

About this Christian Poet:
Linda Watson Owen is a pastor’s wife, church administrative assistant, and educator who lives and writes in Mississippi. She is a freelance writer for Ezraweb.com where her inspirational poems are featured in her weekly column.

God Is…

Darkness oozes thick as silence, slowly flowing, never knowing.
Nothingness echoes in timeless, hollow halls.
God is alone.

Emptiness offers no tomorrow, no today,
in vacuum and in void no yesterday.
God stands…
God sits…
God treads the vacant whole.
God is.
God is alone.
One Great Heart pounds in silent expectation.
One Great Mind moves in rapid inspiration.
One Great Hand rises clutching nothing there
as all alone God does this darkness bear.

Then through the void a Voice!
A Voice in vibrance of all that is to come streams from this great God’s heart,
streams into every part of empty, vapid space.
God Is
and Is what comes!
God Is
and calls life from the manacles of a dark and empty place
where all dreams, yet to be embraced, sing in the voice now raised.
God Is that voice now raised.
God is the voice.

Vast chaos shakes its hulking form from silent sleep,
and wakes into a yawning consciousness,
pushing past the mist of timeless haze.
God’s great voice rings, surging through the dearth of pre-creation,
rushing to explode a spangling nation into the darkness,
Speaking into being multitudes of star lights, galaxies of song brights.
Alive in glowing God-light dance the stars, whirling, spinning,
in jubilant joy of being!
Then with one touch one grand and gentle hand reaches into a tiny heart,
a waiting part of Heaven’s dance,
creating man.
God is…
man is…
not alone.  

Copyright©2006 Linda Watson Owen