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Violet Nesdoly

About this Christian Poet:
Violet Nesdoly lives in Surrey, B.C. with her husband and is the mother of two adult children. Freelance writing fills her work days. Other poems by her have been accepted and/or published at Utmost Christian Writers, Poets Online (Archive), M. B. Herald, Capper's Magazine, Birds and Blooms, Prairie Messenger, Glad Tidings (Presbyterian) and Time of Singing. Violet's volume of poetry, Family Reunion, is available for purchase directly from her.

Among her many other achievements, Violet Nesdoly was Utmost's International Christian Poet Laureate for 2006 and 2007.

Family Reunion

"Now he (Joseph) left the room and found a place where he could weep. Gen. 42:24"

Those rugged Semite robes, that tangled hair,
how this one walks, another's face, those eyes...
They near, the smell of Canaan fills the air.
Ten sheaves bow down—a wondrous, cruel surprise.
"Your servants, twelve, are brothers, sons of one,
the youngest with our father, one is not."
(Ha, that one is! My peace with past hard won,
I'll not go back.) "To jail. You're spies and caught!"
In Rachel's tongue one says, "It was that deed.
It's punishment for how we treated him;
He cried and begged for help, we paid no heed,
Now vengeance serves her cup filled to the brim."
(What's this—they're changed? Oh God, I healed that pain
Now it floods back, wounds open, bleed again.)

Copyright©2002 by Violet Nesdoly