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Jenny Schwartz

About this Christian Poet:
I'm a West Australian who is passionate about the beauty of this isolated part of the world. I've even written a novel, Wild Imaginings, set in colonial days. The novel was a great excuse for historical research.


Pray, says the preacher
and closes his eyes.
Around me, lips move
as if God is deaf and lip reads.
Grandma's sharp elbow says,
I shut my eyes.
Dear God, I begin
as if I'm writing a letter.

I break off.

It is all too silly.
God knows what I need.
Faith, definitely. And hope.
Love. I wonder about love.
Does love obey God?
Will it find me if I ask?

Too late.

Amen, says the preacher.
Amen, echoes Grandma.
Again the sharp elbow.
Amen, say I. But I'm wrong.
This time the elbow means,
"I made pot roast, hurry home."

I guess love found me.

Thank you, God, I say,
and hear a smiling, Amen.

©2007 by Jenny Schwartz