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Shirley R. Daniels

About this Christian Poet:
Shirley Daniels is a child of God, a wife, a mother and a grandmother who uses words to paint pictures in hopes of helping others see divine truth, light and love. The verses which flow from her pen depict the parallels that exist between the reality in which we all live and the mind of God…between the natural and the supernatural.

Light and Life

When from heaven steals the slightest glow of gold
And sunrise edges o'er all the earth,
Nature this secret longs to unfold.
O Source of Hope, let us witness the birth!

Lift and soar, broad wings of dawn;
Carry this your bright awakening message of hope;
Arouse gleeful songs of birds and
Soft whisperings from green-carpeted hills.

Fragrance, now swell in blessed delight
From blossoms still damp with dew.
All earth with vigor draw breath of life;
Grace and design with morn renew.

Light and life, linger not here, nor anywhere
But weave in and through and beyond all,
UntilÊall that lies deep in the darkness of night
Is touched by the sweetness of sunrise.

©2007 by Shirley R. Daniels