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Rachel E. Hicks

About this Christian Poet:
I currently live in Phoenix, AZ, with my loving husband. For the last three years I taught high school English and now I am staying at home to raise the son we are expecting and to pursue a freelance writing career. This poem is in celebration of the gift of each new day of life God gives us. Drinking in the beauty of a new morning reminds me of newness of life in Christ through His complete forgiveness.

The Dawn is Sacred

Arise with the shell-pink kiss of morning
Sweep the foamy ridges of waves with trembling fingertips
Drink deeply the liquid gold spilling down the cliff's face
Savor the sweet mango's cool flesh—
          a slice of the sun itself

The dawn is sacred—

Arise with the azure breath of morning
Sweep the jagged ridges of mountains with yearning eyes
Drink deeply the icy blue bubbling from the spring's heart
Savor the hearth bread's warm flesh—
          a slice of the earth itself

The dawn is sacred—

Arise with the orange blaze of morning
Sweep the blowing ridges of dunes with dancing feet
Drink deeply the still waters hidden in the saguaro's bosom
Savor the agave's moist flesh—
          a taste of the desert itself

The dawn is sacred—

Arise with the rainbow gift of morning
Sweep smooth the ridges of guilt with forgiven hands
Drink deeply the cleansing blood flowing from mercy's veins
Savor the living Bread's broken flesh—
          a taste of the Son Himself

The dawn is sacred—

Copyright©2002 by Rachel E. Hicks