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Janet Butler

Janet Butler, originally from Pittsburgh, PA, relocated to the Bay Area after many years in central Italy. While there she collaborated with Romeo Giuli in the translation of his poetry and a selection of this work was published by Solveig Publishing House, Sienna, Italy. Ms. Butler then dedicated herself to her own writing, and her poems have appeared in Scrivener's Pen, ken*again, JMWW, Prose Toad, SubtleTea, Carnelian, Mannequin Envy, The Penwood Review, Utmost Christian Writers, Miller's Pond, Spiky Palm, Wild Violet, Slow Trains, Flutter, The Green Muse, Wild Violet and others. Future publications include Erosha, California Quarterly and The Indented Pillow, 2008. http://www.janetleebutler.com

Other works by Janet are available for reading in the archives.

From another point of view

He warms himself with sated pleasure
under a honeyed summer sun
an afternoon abundant, ripe,
a momentary perfection, eternal,
it would seem—
but he dreams a different dream.
Perfection bores, after all.

He slithers in elegant arabesques
towards shadows that hold the night
and might, he argues with weighted reason
blossom to more in due season
providing patterns of dark and light
to stimulate
and emulate

but a cacophonic note irrupts
to irritate the stagnant peace
blackbirds wheel and dip
in frenzied glee
to see the red fruit sag in heavy fullness
and a trembling hand reach, for Heaven's sake,
to take it.

Copyright ©2006 by Janet Butler