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Nathan Harms

Nathan is the founder and Executive Director of Utmost Christian Writers Foundation.

The Angel Inside Me

i was dipping my brush in color,
azure blue, blue as the sky over Bethlehem.
i was painting the wall of my bedroom
when the angel inside me began to sing.
His voice such a shy whisper
hidden in the dip and swish of paint on the wall
i hardly heard it at all.
But the voice gathered power
in a fury of spinning,
and the angel inside me
hurled a spiral of praise
into the glistening surface:
          Oh Lord, you’re beautiful,
          Your face is all i seek.
My brush dripped azure sea water
from the bristles to the floor
as the voices of ocean angels
joined and sang with harps:
          For when your eyes are on this child
          Your grace abounds to me.
i had not known my angel sang
or that he sought the face of God
for both of us.
i had not known the eyes of God
brought such grace and joy
to the holy angel inside of me.

Copyright ©1998 by Nathan Harms