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Tamryn-Dael Rawlins

I am a South African who has been writing since the age of seven. I currently attend Bible college in Durban and work part time with some freelance script writing for good measure. My always inspiration—Jesus Christ—this poem describes in some measure what He has done for me…


                              Oh that He would wax, and self,
                                              begin to wane

                                         the night sky speaks.
                                                           screams. of things,
               I yearn toward comprehension
                                         and; in the yearning

in the aching; stagger closer, nearer … … … and yet
                                                                                 nearer to the Face.
                                             incandescent in
                                                            breathless; anticipation

                                        that those eyes [ His eyes ]

                              would turn, turn, turn!
                                             turn their gaze toward
                                                            my slithering form

                              so unworthy, oh so pitiful
                                                            yet longing. yet seeking
                                                            and in seeking: being found,

                                                                                                                   [ free ]

Copyright ©2006 by Tamryn-Dael Rawlins