Lynn Tait

Lynn Tait is a poet living in Sarnia, Ontario. She has had a personal relationship with Jesus since 1978. Her work has been published in The Windsor Review, CV 2, Another Toronto Quarterly, Zygote, RE:AL and many Canadian and U.S. journals and anthologies. She published her first chapbook, Breaking Away, in 2002 which has received an honourable mention in The Ontario Poetry Society's contest "Just Your Chapbooks Please."

Lynn writes:
I am very honoured that the judges deemed my poem "Though Unworthy" worthy of 1st prize. This was not an easy poem to write. It started out as a theological debate concerning saved by grace versus the Catholic idea regarding the importance of works. Many revisions later the piece became very didactic and too preachy. It was revised further and briefly renamed "Bad Men Who Love Jesus," but the poem lost focus part way through. It was revised even further and sent to the contest after a four year trek in the wilderness.

Though Unworthy

We regret than Lynn Tait's poem is unavailable at this time due to her interest in publishing it elsewhere.

Copyright 2003 Lynn Tait