Rheanna Macias

Honorable Mention 2006 Novice Christian Poetry Contest $50

Rheanna Macias, recently reclaimed by God (and none too soon), is an eighteen-year-old freshman studying Linguistics and Elementary Education at the University of Pittsburgh. She is lucky in her mother, stepdad, and two younger brothers. She asks for the prayers of those who like the analogies of her poem, and still more from those who see the dangers in them.

Taking Five (parts 2, 3 and 4)

When clocks are cold as fossils
You must have already entrusted
All outstanding credit to Him.
If not—the universe's last too late!

I'm on schedule to miss the flight.
And Lord, if make it, I'll make it at a tired jog,
Still in pajama pants, glasses askew, one hand clutching
Lukewarm coffee, the other—trying—to zip my jacket,
Passport between my teeth. But romanticer yet than that,
For I shall have my Bodyguard wrestling
Against the Villain and his men trying to snipe me down,
And shall pump inflamed lungs while the windows
Blow out about me, and fiery bubbles trail,
Barrelling to gate G7 with explosions
Rocking down the entrance, bullets all around,
Thick German accent behind me: Ruhn!
Whuhtever you do, don't give them your pahsspourt!
I won't remember your Son faxing me it then—
Beyond remembering, as the windows explode in pieces!

Or so I wish. In fact I'm the mincing skrieksome damsel.
In the darkened theater, wings rustle and whispers hiss,
"That bitch so does not deserve him! What does he see in her?"

When he is at his handsomest and bravest I don't take note.
When he comes for a sunset rescue I cry about how terrible I've had it.
When he leads me to the getaway boat I refuse to dirty my hem.
When the moment is tense and dangerous I hysteric.
When he answers my pleas for help I can't bring myself to leave my captors.
When he leaves I find myself flirting with pathetic henchmen.
When he declares his love I ask where the new ring is.
When he reaches for a well-merited kiss I prove frigid.

The haloed spectators make faces in disgust.

"Ee-yai! But Lord, oh Lord, but look below
(As you told me not to do)
And see how far down it goes,
So far dark it seems to mock you,
And how very frightful fast we fall
And how very frightful firm that wall,
And the crags and the cliffs,
And the points and the dips,
And my stomach screaming
And my skeleton gleaming,
And the current fast-streaming—
We're to die, and, tell me, why?"
"Not to worry; I can fly."

Copyright 2006 Rheanna Macias