Larry Simeral

Honorable Mention 2006 Novice Christian Poetry Contest $50

I am a Ph.D. chemist working for an international chemical company.  I was born in California, but now live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with my wife and two sons.  I began writing poetry about six years ago and quickly found that my poems were only self-absorbed and empty without God.  Although I had been a Christian for over twenty years I didn’t intend to be a Christian poet.  Now I find there is only one creative source, Jesus.

Endless Chorus

We were the mutes of creation.
For a long time we could not even say your name.
We could only listen to others singing,
Our mouths open, but silent.

The winds sing your name through the trees
While the leaves applaud
And the branches dance with joy.

Night thunder answers the flash of your glory
Calling your name to the clouds.
No valley can contain even the echo of your name.

The seas roar your name
As endless chanting in endless adoration
On endless shores.

The earth sighs your name
While the ground trembles beneath our feet
And the things we have built shake before your majesty.

Then the Spirit whispered “Jesus” in our hearts.
We bowed to the Name above every name
And you added our small voices to the chorus of creation
singing your name forever.

Copyright 2006 Larry Simeral