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Alicia Constant

Honorable Mention 2006 Novice Christian Poetry Contest $50

I am a student and a writer from the azure skies of the Southwestern United States. Ever since my early childhood, I have been writing poetry, songs, and short stories. Poetry is my passion; it is a place for me to get away from the hectic hours of my day and stop in quiet reflection. The way I catch my inspiration is in a small "snapshot" notebook I carry everywhere. Like a net that grasps moments in time, it records ideas and helps me create each word and phrase with vivid imagery. The spontaneous moments I capture never fail to place me in awe of Godâs majestic creation and His abounding love. I have recently completed a novel I am interested in publishing, but this is the first of my works to be recognized on this scale.

Living Salvation

The sun that rises early morn
And chases back moonlight,
The birds that sing to greet the dawn
And rise in joyful flight,
The dancing light among the trees
Designed by Master‚s hand,
His love so deep yet lies untold
For man to understand.

Into the depths of canyons wide
Where countless rivers flow,
And in the fathomless oceans deep
Lie things we cannot know.
But still Thy love does top them all
To die for sinful man
Upon the cruelest Roman cross
And heed Thy Father‚s plan.

What love is this, which made my hands
Still whole, while His were scarred?
Despite my numberless mistakes
His record lay unmarred.
Who knew the One who made the stars
Could care for such as I?
So gladly shall I trust my soul
To One who holds the sky.

Copyright 2006 Alicia Constant