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Ellen Gray

Honorable Mention 2006 Novice Christian Poetry Contest $50

I am so very grateful to the Utmost Christian Writers Foundation for its encouragement to novice writers. I also would like to thank Sue Plett for her wise and cheerful friendship. When I started writing poetry five years ago, Sue gently guided me in learning how to listen for God’s voice and to find my own. 

I love the story of the Samaritan woman. God’s redemptive truth and grace are so present in the words exchanged at the well. I also think the disciples’ confusion over why Christ would be talking with a Samaritan woman reflects what we often miss in God’s abundant love. “The Disciples Return to Find Christ in Conversation with a Samaritan Woman” attempts to reflect how baffled we can be in the midst of grace.

The Disciples Return
to Find Christ in Conversation
with a Samaritan Woman

blast the inefficiency
twelve of us to go after bread
all twelve how well the day could have been spent
healing leprosy or hurling demons into the abyss
or at least casting nets on the right side of the boat
for the love of God
turns water into wine
but turns men to a woman's chore
the irritation of it all
John and Peter bicker
first and last
Andrew's stupid questions
those blasted parables
the seeds, curse the seed
twelve men to buy a loaf
and return to what
a Samaritan.
there is a wall in the temple to
keep her kind out
a woman why bother
let us eat and go, but now
he claims to have bread we know nothing about
as we watch and boil
he takes a cup of water from her hand.

Copyright 2006 Ellen Gray